The future is plasma:
Customized surface treatment with atmospheric pressure plasma systems

Atmospheric Openair® plasma treatment is the key technology for the ultrafine cleaning, surface activation, and plasma coating of almost all materials – plastics, metals, glass, cardboard, textiles, and composite materials. With Openair® plasma technology, plasma surface treatment can be integrated inline. This makes it possible to use cost-effective starting materials, to combine materials that were previously incompatible, and to implement high-efficiency, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Together with our customers, we are developing new solutions daily for customised surface treatment in all different types of industrial applications – for the innovative products of tomorrow.

Plasmatreat (UK) Ltd.
36 Grange Park
Steeple Aston
Great Britain

Phone: +44 1869 340478

Contact: Mr. Graham Porcas

Openair® plasma in LED production – Successful presence at Productronica 2015


1995 - 2015: Plasmatreat’s 20th anniversary


Lighter With Plasma – Openair® plasma treatment of a CFRP solar car

ADHÄSION (10/2015)
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Pin-point precision — true-to-contour, mask-free pretreatment in automobile construction

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