RAMPF Production Systems: Plasma treatment – automated component of dispensing systems

 Photo: RAMPF Production Systems Pretreatment of a plastic frame: optimum adhesion is guaranteed by pretreatment with Openair® plasma.

When bonding, sealing or casting complex parts the most varied materials come into contact with one another. Even joining plastic to plastic is not always easy. The manufacturers of mixing and dispensing systems must assist the adhesion process depending on requirements. To do this the company RAMPF Production Systems based in Zimmern o.R. is backing Openair® plasma. As a leading manufacturer of low-pressure mixing and dispensing systems for processing one-component and two-component polymers we have been collaborating successfully with Plasmatreat for four years.

 Photo: RAMPF Production Systems Pretreatment of plastic door modules: if the activation process forms a component of the dispensing installation plasma pretreatment and application of foam proceed in parallel.

Pretreatment with atmospheric-pressure plasma is one of the most efficient processes for achieving improved adhesion. It allows a reliable and easily controllable process which saves operating costs and keeps emissions low.

Experience at RAMPF Production Systems has shown that in in-line operation the highest levels of productivity are achieved. At the same time the activation process has become an automated component of the dispensing system. For example, surface activation and application of a sealing foam take place in parallel in one operation.

The experts usually couple the activating system mechanically to the motion of the MS-C mixing head and in many cases to a dedicated handling system also. The latter variant results in further improvements with regard to speed, spacings and activating power.

Hartmut Storz
Head of Sales and Marketing
RAMPF Production Systems GmbH & Co. KG

(former RAMPF Dosiertechnik GmbH & Co. KG)

RAMPF Production Systems GmbH & Co. KG

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