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Our service for you:
Test Openair® plasma treatment

You want to optimize your manufacturing process? You would like to replace conventional pretreatment methods with environmentally-friendly, inline solutions? You have an adhesion problem in bonding, printing, painting, or coating, or you want to join new or difficult materials to each other? Or do you want to furnish a product with new functional surface properties?

Openair® plasma pretreatment may be the ideal solution for you. As simply as possible, we would like to offer you different options to give you an idea of the performance capabilities of Openair® atmospheric pressure plasma technology:

Send us your material sample

Tell us your exact requirements for your manufacturing process and send us the materials that you would like to treat with plasma treatment. We will evaluate the exact process parameters and the potential benefits of plasma treatment for your manufacturing process in our Plasmatreat R&D laboratories

Plasma treatment in small series

Would you like to use a selective plasma treatment for a small series first? At your request, we will treat your components, materials, and products directly at Plasmatreat, working with one of our partners.

Rent Openair® test systems

Plasmatreat has a large pool of rental systems worldwide, so you can integrate them directly in your production line without too much effort. Systems with single-jet and multi-jet configurations are available as test systems.

We’re there for you, worldwide: your Plasmatreat experts

No matter what test option you choose, our experienced Plasmatreat employees will support you in optimization and problem solving. In a collaborative development process, we will evaluate all the parameters required for your process with you – either on your test systems and/or in the Plasmatreat laboratory.

We are available if you have any further questions or need additional information.

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