Topic: Pretreatment for lamination of leather to plastic. Reliable bonding of polyurethane adhesive. Avoidance of spring-back in leather lamination to steering wheel.adhesive. Avoidance of spring-back in leather lamination to steering wheel.

Reliable bonding when laminating leather to car interior parts – precise pretreatment of folds

The interiors of luxury automobiles are trimmed with the finest of natural and synthetic leathers. With these exclusive materials, utmost quality and durability are a must – and that can only be achieved by clean and precise processing. One special challenge when applying and laminating such coverings is the folds that have to be made at the edges and corners of parts – when laminating leather to steering wheels, for instance. At these points the material has to adhere instantly and strongly in order to avoid spring-back.

 Leather laminated steering wheel

Targeted pretreatment with Openair® Plasma significantly increases the surface tension of the plastic base material and enables secure bonding – or in other words, immediate and reliable adhesion of the applied polyurethane adhesive.

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