Topic: Large-area plasma treatment in injection molding. Plasma pretreatment of car interior parts, e.g. instrument panels. Pretreatment without masking. Alternative to flame pretreatment.

Alternative to flame pretreatment – Openair® Plasma pretreatment of exclusive instrument panels without masking

The panel consists of three material layers: a glass-fibre reinforced plastic core, a polyurethane foam layer, and a slush-molded skin (made of PVC or TPU). The core parts are made of injection-molded fibre-reinforced polypropylene. This non-polar plastic needs to be pretreated to make its surface receptive to adhesion processes.With the conventional flame technique, all zones where no foam is to be applied must be masked with thermally stable materials.

Openair® technology eliminates this whole work step (masking), because the plasma jet works selectively and with absolute precision. Unlike the flame, it can follow the component geometry with an accuracy in the millimeter range. All that is needed later is to cut slightly into the slush skin along the contours of the untreated zones, and the skin and polyurethane foam behind it will peel off easily.
The surface of the plastic core is scanned by industrial robots equipped with RD 1004-type rotary jets that pretreat the entire part in approximately 40 seconds.

Partners & Testimonials

Peguform GmbH

Plasma Instead of Flame

Peguform pretreats the instrument panels for Audi Q5 off-road vehicles with Openair® plasma instead of the usual flame processing. The selectively applied “cold” plasma jet eliminates the need for masking, while simultaneously protecting the plastic from overheating

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