Topic: Use of VOC-free adhesives and anti-friction coatings on EPDM profiles. Increasing the surface tension of ethylene propylene diene rubber. Plasma activation of EPDM.

Plasma pretreatment enables the use of VOC-free and solvent-free adhesives and anti-friction coatings.

The main effect achieved by Openair® Plasma pretreatment is activation of material surfaces. On the otherwise non-polar EPDM profile surfaces, it produces specific chemical functionalities (such as OH groups, COC, CH3, hydroxyl, carbonyl and carboxyl groups). In addition, it increases the surface tension to > 72 mN/m.
 EPDM profile with anti-friction coating
 EPDM profile before flock coating
This optimal preparation through plasma pretreatment makes it possible for the first time to use water-based adhesives and anti-friction coating systems that contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to process EPDM profiles. Openair® Plasma can be integrated easily into the process where it assures outstanding adhesion results.

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Painting and bonding EPDM seals

EPDM profiles for the automobile industry are pretreated with Openair® plasma before painting or flocking at Hutchinson in Aachen, Germany. The advantages: scrap reduction, increased production, and the highest process safety reliability.

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