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Plasma gives you the zero bondline – secure edge processing with the Düstec® process

One of the biggest challenges in creating top quality furniture panels is producing secure edges with zero bondlines – the edge seam should not be visible. Furniture edges bands are joined in edgebanding machines after adhesive has been applied to the panel. Until now, this process eventually resulted in the glue joint darkening. Newer processes rely on laser technology, but integrating that can pose safety-related complications and require elaborate equipment engineering.
Working with Niemann GmbH & Co KG,  Jowat AG and edge processing machine manufacturer IMA, Plasmatreat has developed an innovative solution – the Düstec® process – to create zero bondlines. The Düstec® plasma edge works without applying adhesive in the machine. A functional polymer layer replaces the adhesive. A number of manufacturers offer a range of edge bands with different finishes for this plasma process.
This functional layer is activated instantly by plasma during processing in the edgebanding machine, thus ensuring direct bonding of the bands when pressed on the furniture panel. This is how the plasma edge is formed.

What distinguishes the plasma edge?

  • Absolutely tight sealing for furniture panels;
  • The resulting joint is no longer visible with the naked eye;
  • No glue joint so it is permanently colorfast and age resistant; and
  • Highly resistant to peeling, with great thermal stability

Simple and cost-effective integration, including in existing equipment!

In contrast to laser technology, Openair® Plasma can be added to existing equipment very easily and without major expense, including to existing edge gluing systems. Plasma technology is suitable for equipping or retrofitting all categories of machinery - from the manual workstation, through simple through-feed machines, to high-speed equipment and two-dimensional machining centers.

The better investment – cost advantages compared to laser edges:

  • Less expensive edge band material since no expensive laser inhibitors are required;
  • Lower investment expenses, in particular when retrofitting existing systems;
  • Lower operating costs; and
  • Simple maintenance without expensive technical staff.

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