Topic: Plasma activation of solar cells. Removal of oxides (deoxidation). Plasma polymerization of solar modules. Functional coating of module surfaces.

Solar modules with functional surfaces: enhancement with plasma coating under atmospheric pressure

The challenge in manufacturing solar cells and modules is to achieve more efficient, simpler and more cost-effective manufacturing – while still maintaining the highest quality standards. Low pressure plasma, etching and coating processes are firmly established in the manufacturing of solar cells. These process steps are very complicated and discontinuous because of long process times that have to be maintained.

Openair® plasma offers two high-efficiency solutions under atmospheric pressure:

  • Plasma activation of solar cells with the use of functional process gases
    - Selective etching effect on wafers for controlled removal of material
    - Removal of oxides using reducing plasmas (deoxidation)
  • Plasma polymerization with Openair® plasma:
    New potential for inline coating of solar modules

    Module surfaces can be functionalized (functional coating) in selected zones using plasma polymer coatings so that for example:
    - Transmission is improved (reduced reflection)
    - The growth of biofilms is prevented photocatalytically
    - Surfaces are provided with ultrahydrophobic properties that
    - counteract dirt adhesion

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