Topic: Release plasma coating for demolding of GRP (glass-fiber-reinforced plastic) and CRP (carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic). Demolding of CRP and GRP without release agents.

PT-Release® plasma coating: demoulding of fibre composite components without release agents (CRP and GRP)

Generally, rotor blades are manufactured as half shells in a laminating process with CRP and GRP mixed construction. Application of a separating layer in the mold is indispensable so the finished component can later be removed from the mold. Conventionally, this is achieved with chemical release agents and has to be applied again after each demolding. In the demolding process, traces of this separating layer are transferred to the component. These must be removed without residue before the subsequent painting.
 The PT-Release® plasma coating enables easy demolding of fiber composite parts
Plasmatreat has developed a simple and efficient solution for reliable demolding of CRP and GRP components without chemical release agents: the PT-Release® process that is used to apply a plasma polymer using Openair® plasma.

Simple and efficient demolding of CRP and GRP components with PT-Release® plasma coating

  • Before the material layers are applied, the molds are coated with the PlasmaPlus® process by robot.
  • The coating application is controlled with uniform coating thickness.
  • Functional strength: currently approx. 50 demoldings possible with only one plasma coating.
  • After the demolding and before painting, remaining release agents are completely broken up and removed with Openair® plasma cleaning.

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