Topic: Functional coating of wind power rotor blades. Friction reduction, better rotor aerodynamics. Plasma polymerization and corrosion protection coating of rotor blades.

Plasmaplus® functional coating of rotor blades: corrosion protection and better aerodynamics for more yield

The laws of aerodynamics apply just as much to the efficiency of rotor blades in wind power systems as they do to aircraft, where air friction on the surface of the wings and on the fuselage determines the efficiency of the aircraft. Microstructuring and the application of very hydrophobic and textured surfaces reduce the friction resistance. One model for this is the way the dolphin moves in water (dolphin skin).

 Air flow around a wind turbine rotor blade profile

The yield of a wind power system can be increased significantly with polymer PlasmaPlus® functional coating:

  • Plasma coating causes a definite reduction in friction, resulting in better aerodynamics of the rotor blades.
  • The functional coating also offers highly-effective protection against creep under the paint and corrosion (corrosion protection coating).
  • The plasma coating increases the service life and environmental resistance of the coatings on the rotor blades.

With experts and partners from industry and research, Plasmatreat is currently developing different solutions for optimization and efficiency increase of wind power systems.

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