Topic: Plasma activation and printing on coated glass. Pretreatment for screen printing on glass bottles.

Best ink adhesion for screen printing on glass – including on bottles with polymer coating

In the final step in the manufacturing process, glass is coated to avoid damage and scratches on bottles due to friction during transport.
Afterward these glass bottles are generally printed in a screen printing process. The type of coating that was performed during manufacturing determines if the printing ink used can bond well. To ensure a strong bond and even colouration, especially on polymer coating, plasma activation is required to increase surface tension.
Thanks to its robust jet systems and simple inline integration, Openair® Plasma technology offers an optimal solution for creating the necessary surface activation on the glass containers.

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Scoring points with a premium look

These days, it is not just the fragrance that counts when purchasing a perfume; often the packaging is at least as important. At HEINZ-GLAS GmbH, the luxurious glass bottles of the finer brands are treated with Openair® plasma before printing.

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