Topic: Plasma singeing of staple fibers. Singeing carpet fibers. Plasma singeing.

Plasma singeing of staple fibres in carpet manufacturing – can be precisely controlled and carefully measured for a soft, pleasant hand

Especially in the American carpet industry, competition focuses on staple fibres versus filament yarns. The look and hand of staple fibres is far superior to that of filament yarns, however, there is a problem with showing dirt and lint buildup. These are both caused by the fact that natural staple fibres are composed of individual segments, which require surface treatment in the form of finishing.
 Precisely controlled and administered: singeing of staple fibers with Openair® Plasma
With traditional processes, such as gassing with a gas flame, remaining tiny filaments are mechanically singed or burned in order to remove them. But that often results in a hard feel to the final product. Singeing with Openair® plasma is an effective alternative to flame singeing that retains the quality of the fibres since the plasma jets can be carefully controlled and precisely administered in the process.

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