Topic: Openair Plasma Generator FG5002, FG5005 with integrated process control. Process monitoring. Plasma generator for integration into complete systems.

High-power FG5002/5005 plasma generators with integrated process controls

This plasma generator realises both the activation of the Openair® plasma generator and the monitoring of the operating states by means of process controls developed by Plasmatreat. This allows for very fast process management with short reaction times. In addition, defects in the plasma jet are detected immediately with a variety of built-in sensors.
 Openair® FG 5002/ FG5005Plasma Generator
 Openair® FG 5002E Plasma Generator, optionally with integrated high-voltage transformers
The graphic monitor clearly displays information regarding the generator, the plasma jets as well as maintenance schedules.
The extremely robust generator technology facilitates a simultaneous operation of up to four (FG5002), respectively eight (FG5005) plasma jets.

Typical applications

  • Integration into complete systems
  • Suitable for multiple shift operation under heightened environmental conditions
  • Industrial applications in various industries
  • Applications where more than two plasma nozzles are required
 Multiline display with plain text information

Main features of FG5002/5005 plasma generators

  • System control and power control using integrated micro-controller
  • Power output: 2kVA (FG5002) or 5kVA for activating a maximum of four or eight plasma nozzles
  • Voltage supply of 3x 400V
  • Operating temperature range: 0-40 degrees Celsius
  • Plain text display for displaying key operating parameters, such as voltage, power, frequency, error and status messages, in various languages
  • Service-specific installation in the control cabinet
  • In the FG5002E or FG5005E versions, the related high-voltage transformers are already integrated and the plasma nozzles are directly connected. Particularly suited for use in changing locations.

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