Vision & Mission

All of the matter that makes up our planet was formed from plasma generated during the Big Bang. Plasma is therefore capable of changing the surface condition of all kinds of materials. Harnessing this virtually unlimited potential is the vision that Plasmatreat holds. Plasma technology is already being used today in thousands of industrial applications to clean, pretreat and coat manufactured and even natural surfaces. In the food industry as in medicine, contaminated surfaces can be sterilized effectively without requiring any wet chemical processes. In agriculture, plasma is used as an additional supporting technique to treat seeds and soils.

Plasma technology offers practically unlimited possibilities for designing safe and reproducible processes. In most areas it can replace complex and environmentally harmful methods. But the potential of plasma applications goes far beyond that: Plasma treatment is a primary enabler for the creation of completely new material combinations and processes. This results in high-grade surfaces and materials with specifically engineered properties for innovative products.

As globally leading experts in pretreatment of surfaces under atmospheric conditions, we channel all our experience and our inventiveness into creating and implementing simple, effective and resource-conserving plasma processes in all conceivable application areas – for a better world.

  • We think surfaces

    All of our attention, knowledge and passion goes into thinking about ways to pretreat and treat surfaces. Drawing on our long experience, we take a fresh look at the possibilities every day. How can we modify surfaces in a targeted manner? How can we use plasma treatment to actually produce completely new material properties and new composites? New questions arise every day – and we address these challenges with enthusiasm.
  • We implement plasma in industry

    At Plasmatreat, qualified plasma specialists work together with engineers who have vast product experience. Add to this our extensive know-how of processes used in different industries. We team up with our customers to jointly analyze their manufacturing operations so that we can include all the necessary details in our thinking. This allows us to find the best fit for each challenge and to deliver it to our customers as a "ready-to-use" solution.
  • We lead science to implementation

    We have a deep understanding of science, plasma technology and chemistry as well as having extensive experience of the manufacturing industry. Together with institutes, universities and businesses we work daily on new products for groundbreaking applications. Our know-how and the solutions we generate through r&d are channeled into making the products for our customers.
  • We operate globally

    We are where our customers are. Complete with sales, service and R&D, we have a presence in 34 countries around the globe. Within 72 hours we can be onsite at our customers no matter how remote their location. We advise and accompany our customers on a global scale, linking disciplines across borders. Our plasma specialists operate internationally – and our customers benefit from this comprehensive global experience.
  • We protect the environment and natural resources

    Plasma technology stands for a cleaner environment. The use of Openair® and Aurora Plasma does away with wasteful consumption of natural resources. Thanks to plasma technology it has become possible to process previously incompatible materials and to create completely new composites and functional coatings. Our technology thus offers unlimited possibilities for designing processes that are both innovative and environmentally friendly.


We are looking forward to your inquiry

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