Efficient and innovative: Openair-Plasma® surface treatment integrated inline in manufacturing processes

Typical application areas for use of atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment technologies in further processing are adhesive bonding, composite bonding, printing, painting, coating, and two-component extrusion.

Openair® plasma treatment is used in almost all industrial manufacturing processes– from packaging, printing, and the household appliance industry, to use in medical, electronics and textile engineering, in coil coating, and in the automobile, shipbuilding and aircraft industries.

In all these industrial application areas, materials like plastics, metals, glass, textiles, or films are bonded, printed, or painted. - Here the combination of two dissimilar materials frequently presents a special challenge on the way to achieving new and customized material properties. Surface treatment with Openair® plasma can result in adhesion improvement, even for otherwise incompatible materials.

  • Optimal printing and ink bonding and highest print quality in all common printing processes thanks to plasma pretreatment

    Openair® plasma surface technology is used for all common printing methods like pad printing, screen printing, or offset printing. Pretreatment with this plasma makes it possible to bond difficult-to-bond water-based printing inks and ensures secure long-term adhesion on difficult surfaces.
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  • Adhesion improvement: Openair-Plasma® provides for optimal paint adhesion

    A perfectly treated surface is the prerequisite for the subsequent painting process. Pretreatment of the components with atmospheric plasma significantly increases paint adhesion and thus makes possible reliable use of solvent-free (VOC-free) and water-based paints, resulting in environmentally-friendly production.
  • Plasma surface treatment for secure, long-term adhesive bonding of plastics and metals

    Many materials like polypropylene (PP), polyether ether ketone (PEEK) or polyoxymethylene (POM) can be bonded only very poorly or not at all without plasma pretreatment. Adhesion improvement, high bonding strength and durable bonding of glass, metal, ceramics and plastics present special challenges for the manufacturing industry.
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  • Innovative composites from compounds: Openair-Plasma® in two-component injection molding

    The application spectrum of all different types of material is significantly expanded by new bonded composites. The use of Openair® plasma brings previously incompatible materials together in two-component injection molding and in two-component extrusion.
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  • Functionalizing surfaces: unlimited possibilities with the PlasmaPlus® process

    Plasma surface modification technologies: Manufacturing products with selectively functionalized surfaces opens up completely new dimensions in innovation.
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  • The Plasma-SealTight® process ensures ultra-strong plastic-to-metal bonds in hybrid components

    Together with plastic compound manufacturer AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH, Plasmatreat has developed a process for strongly bonded, hybrid injection molded components.
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  • Strongly bonded, new hard-soft combinations with the InMould-Plasma® process

    Plasmatreat in conjunction with the Plastics Technology Institute (KTP) at Paderborn University has developed a 2-component injection molding process with integrated plasma pretreatment which ensures strong bonds in diverse plastic combinations.
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