Industry solutions

We think in surfaces. As the world's leading manufacturer of plasma units and systems, Plasmatreat develops solutions for the pretreatment of surfaces. Applications focus on the industrial-scale microfine cleaning, activation and coating of surfaces made from materials such as plastics, metals, glass, cardboard, textiles and composites – materials that are used in virtually all sectors of manufacturing industry.

From automotive engineering, transportation, electronics and packaging to consumer goods, life sciences, textiles and renewable energies – we provide cross-sector advice and support to customers. Thanks to the very diverse range of applications for Openair and Aurora plasma technology, we develop new, highly efficient process solutions on a virtual daily basis – individually tailored to the needs of our customers.

  • Automotive engineering

    Openair-Plasma® treatment: now an intrinsic part of automotive engineering

    The automotive industry relies on carefully coordinated processes and consistently high product quality. Openair-Plasma® meets the stringent requirements of automotive engineering better than any other pretreatment method and has thus become an established technology in the diverse manufacturing processes of leading manufacturers.
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  • Transport

    By air, land and sea – Openair-Plasma® paves the way for new production routes

    In the transport industry Openair-Plasma® demonstrates the full extent of its flexible range of applications – from bicycle production to shipbuilding.
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  • Electronics

    Ideal for manufacturing highly sensitive electronics: potential-free Openair-Plasma®

    Plasma treatment in the electronics industry guarantees cost efficiency and production reliability. It facilitates flawless anti-scratch coating for displays, long-time stable printing of circuit boards and time-saving cleaning in chip production.
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  • Packaging

    Openair-Plasma® in the packaging industry: for creating sophisticated designs cost effectively and at high speed

    When it comes to extruding plastic films, printing and bonding non-polar materials such as PP, PE or recycled materials, Openair-Plasma® is a key manufacturing technology that combines cost effectiveness with environmental friendliness.
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  • Consumer goods

    Satisfying demands for superior quality consumer goods: plasma ensures reliable adhesion without solvents

    Consumers have increasingly high expectations of the products that they buy. Openair-Plasma® and PlasmaPlus® enable innovative and cost-effective solutions for producing superior quality consumer goods without using harmful substances.
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  • Life sciences

    Innovative solutions for medical engineering and life sciences with Openair-Plasma® and PlasmaPlus®

    The use of plasma for sterile micro-cleaning, forming new composite materials for implants and applying functional coatings to instruments, clothing and equipment creates new opportunities in medical engineering and throughout the life sciences sector.      
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  • Textile manufacturing

    Long-lasting dyes, functional surfaces, high process speeds: Plasma in the textile industry

    Openair-Plasma® treatment significantly increases the wettability of fibers and yarns. As a result, reliable, long-time stable adhesion can be achieved even with solvent-free dyes. Surfaces can be functionalized with hydrophobic, dirt-repellent characteristics.
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  • Renewable energies

    Atmospheric plasma is a key technology for renewable energies and energy storage systems

    Resource scarcity and a new-found environmental awareness are key issues of our time. Plasma treatment facilitates the use of new technological developments from energy storage to the introduction of new vehicle drive motors.
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