Improving the quality of SMD assemblies in the avionics industry – components treated with Openair® plasma survive the burn-in test

The safety requirements for avionics are far more rigorous than those of other industrial products. Assembled circuit boards, for instance, are required to undergo burn-in, which is regarded as the toughest stress test available for electronic components. It is used to detect hidden manufacturing faults and to identify components which would fail in continuous operation.

Printed circuit board
A gently acting rotary nozzle applies the potential-free plasma to the SMD assembly.

Before undergoing the burn-in test, the plastic-coated SMDs of aeronautical radio equipment are pretreated with Openair® plasma to ensure the long-time stable adhesion of the conformal coating.The results show not only that the highly sensitive electronics survive the plasma exposure completely unscathed; the potential-free plasma treatment also enhances product quality.

Furthermore, this combined effect of microfine cleaning and activation reduces the number of individual operations required, which makes for a more efficient production process.


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