Solar thermal energy: Reliable corrosion protection coating for solar thermal mirrors of solar power plants

For the concentrated production of energy from sunshine, sunlight is converted to heat on the basis of parabolic-trough technology. In centrally-located solar power plants, large mirrors with a parabolic shape are placed in long rows where they focus the sun’s radiation and concentrate it 80-fold. In the center of each mirror, a heat transfer medium is heated, which generates steam by way of heat exchangers. This steam in turn drives conventional electric turbines. Alternatively, the energy can be collected in heat accumulators and used for power generation at night.

Plasma coating for reliable corrosion protection coating and surface finishing of solar thermal mirrors
Corrosion protection coating and surface finishing of solar thermal mirrors

During operation, the parabolic-trough solar mirrors are exposed to extreme environmental demands. This makes it necessary to provide the mirrors with a protective coating. But the efficiency of the entire solar power plant depends on the precise and intensive reflection performance of these mirrors. Any conventional polymer corrosion protection coating reduces this effectiveness and with it efficiency. Not so with the plasma coating in the PlasmaPlus® process: Full-surface nanocoating with an almost completely inorganic, glass-like coating material offers reliable corrosion protection with long-term stability even at high temperatures.


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