The automotive industry can’t get by without it: Openair® Plasma treatment

The automotive industry relies on robust, finely tuned processes. These are a basic precondition for achieving consistently high quality. At the same time, durable adhesive bonds and the use of advanced materials are major production parameters when manufacturing parts with complex shapes. Openair® Plasma treatment meets the tough requirements of the automotive industry like no other pretreatment technology and is therefore firmly established in a variety of production processes at leading manufacturers.

  • Headlights – tightly sealed, cost-saving bonding

    Modern headlights using LED technology last for the lifetime of the vehicle, thus eliminating the need to change bulbs. To ensure this longevity, they must be effectively protected to keep all moisture out.
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  • EPDM profiles – reliable coating and flock coating

    EPDM door seals perform two important functions: they act as weatherstrips and reduce the noise level perceived in the vehicle interior. Automobile door seals require specialty surface finishes...
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  • Car interior parts – rotary plasma jets for uniform surface activation over large areas

    The use of plasma jets on industrial robots allows highly precise, rapid and environmentally responsible pretreatment of large three-dimensional car interior parts prior to coating, wrapping, in-mold decoration or in-mold labeling...
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  • Car exterior parts – cleaning and activation of complex multi-materials

    Plasma treatment is a key technology for achieving stable material combinations and high-quality surface finishes with secure adhesion...
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  • PlasmaPlus® breaktrough technology: primer-free bonding of windshields

    FORD Motor Company has succeeded for the first time in replacing this entire wet-chemical pretreatment with an environmentally friendly, VOC-free and fully automated process - plasma polymer nano-coating with PlasmaPlus® ...
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  • Powertrain / engine electronics – durable and corrosion-resistant sealing of adhesive bondlines

    The quality of any seal depends especially on the cleanliness of the contact surfaces. In these critical zones, Openair® Plasma cleaning assures targeted and effective pretreatment with high contour precision...
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