Quantum leap in demolding high-tech composites: Release agents eliminated thanks to Openair® and PlasmaPlus®

Today’s long distance aircraft are constructed with completely novel materials and material combinations made of reinforced plastics, known as composites.

When composite parts are manufactured (such as wing or fuselage sections), material layers are built up step-by-step in the mold and then heated to fuse them. Without prior application of release agents to the mold surface, the parts would also stick to the molds, making it impossible to remove them. After demolding, residues of these release agents remain on the parts and make further processing more difficult.

Airbus A380

Plasmatreat offers a simple and efficient solution to this problem:

  • Using the PlasmaPlus® process, the molds are coated via plasma polymerization (to provide release properties) prior to laying up the material.
  • This reduces to almost nothing the need to use release agents for demolding.
  • Any remaining release agents can be completely broken off and removed after demolding using Openair® plasma cleaning.
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