Plasma systems for the coil coating process – efficient ultrafine cleaning without chemicals or wastewater

An example of the high efficiency of Openair® plasma activation is the manufacture of pre-coated sheet metal (coil coating). This material is needed in the industrial production of household appliances and in the automotive industry.

In the coil coating process, strip metal is provided with a surface coating or varnishing to achieve optimum protection against corrosion and to simplify subsequent production processes. For long-term layer and varnish adhesion, the aluminum strip must first be completely cleaned of rolling oils in an ultrafine cleaning process.

Plasma system for coil coating - Griesser overall system
Griesser overall system
The Openair® plasma system can be integrated inline directly upstream of the coating station in the rolling mill.
Openair® plasma pretreatment of coils

Openair® plasma removes all residues reliably and efficiently while activating the material surface for optimal adhesion and a flawless finish. The Openair® plasma treatment can be integrated inline directly upstream of the coating station in the rolling mill.

Moreover, the dry plasma process is particularly environmentally friendly. The large amounts of chemicals that would otherwise be required for ultrafine cleaning are omitted entirely.

Also, the time- and energy-intensive drying processes necessary in wet chemical treatment are no longer required.

Advantages of Openair® plasma systems for coil coating:

  • High efficiency in the cleaning of aluminum coils
  • Surface activation prior to corrosion protection coating and varnishing
  • Saving water, chemicals and wastewater
  • Possibility of one-sided or two-sided pretreatment
  • Variable nozzle configuration depending on the degree of contamination
  • Cost-efficient inline integration

Griesser AG

World premiere: Openair plasma in coil coating

Griesser AG in Switzerland was the first company in the world to achieve environmentally-friendly surface pretreatment of  aluminum strip using Openair® plasma, which avoids the generation of thousands of tons of contaminated waste water annually.

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Coil coating – “very good” test results

As an independent research provider, NanoCraft examined the systems developed by Plasmatreat on behalf of our clients.

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