Mobile surface analyzer – Mobile measurement of free surface energy at the click of a button

The Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA calculates the wettability of a surface automatically by measuring the water contact angle. The contact angle provides information about the surface characteristics required for further processing, e.g. free surface energy and wettability (important parameters for printing, painting and coating) or adhesion capacity. The machine also reliably indicates the polarity of a surface, for example as a result of activation with Openair plasma.

The MSA uses two test liquids to determine the surface energy of a solid surface – one polar (usually water) and the other non-polar (usually diiodomethane).

At the click of a button, the machine automatically applies the correct dose of the two liquids, measures every contact angle simultaneously and calculates the free surface energy in a process which lasts no more than a second. Since the process is contactless, undesirable contact with the surface and possible contamination or damage to the specimen are avoided.

Mobile Surface Analyzer
Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA

Features of the MSA

  • Fully automatic for ease-of-use – measurement at the click of a button
  • Particularly robust and just as reliable as a laboratory instrument
  • Ideal for mobile, non-destructive quality control
  • Connection and power supply via a USB port
  • Also measures vertical and curved surfaces as well as undersides

Areas of application

  • Measuring contact angles
  • Calculating the free surface energy using the Owens-Wendt-Rabel-Kaelble, Wu, Zisman, Fowkes and van Oss & Goo methods
  • Inspecting the quality of pretreated or coated surfaces

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